Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Why using SQL Accounting Software?

SQL Accounting software can be described as an accounting tool introduced to harmonize smooth business delivery through an outstanding database with the combination of features, multi-dimensional reporting control and innovative EIS tools for business resilience acceleration. SQL accounting software enhances effective and efficient customer information presentation and productivity. Every business has been encouraged to implement the SQL accounting for maximum output and optimal accounting services delivery. SQL Accounting software is compatible with many operating systems ranging from Microsoft Windowsxp, Windows Vista, Windows7, Windows 8, 32 Bit, and 64 Bit
Features of SQL Accounting Software
Below are the basic six SQL Accounting software core modules ranging from which are General Ledger, Customer, Supplier, Stock, Sales, and Purchase.
1. General Ledger: This is a tree-like-format display module that allows the business owner to control foreign currency account, manufacturing account and asset account easily. It also provides a user-friendly display to control easy payment voucher and official receipt. Other features of this module are; journal entry, foreign bank adjustment, bank reconciliation, maintains opening balance, maintain stock value, budget, report and ability to manage multiple projects or department accounts to fit business needs.
2. Customer (AR): This feature of the SQL Accounting software provides a flexible and user-friendly display for easy customer maintenance. The support consists of customer invoice entry from sale module, payment, credit note, debit note, refunds, and overall reports such as customer balance report and document listing.
3. Supplier (AP): Easy maintenance of vendors is another important module of the SQL Accounting software. This entails easy maintainability of supplier invoice, payment, debit and credit note, refund, contra, and reports. Credit and overdue limits can be quickly set.
4. Sales: The sales module document can be partially delivered through SQL Accounting. This comprises of features such as quotation, sales order, delivery order, invoice, cash sales, debit and credit note, canceled note and reports. Sales history can be easily be checked for any particular on-sale item
5. Purchase: This module is similar to that of sales module with its supports of documents’ partial delivery. When creating purchase record, stock balance and purchase price history display are provided. With this feature, purchase history can be easily being checked for any particular items before buying.
6. Stock: This module helps in easy control of inventory. The stock items details can be managed with this feature of the SQL Accounting. High costing calculation accuracy and costing estimate are generated with ease. The feature includes the sensitivity of costing calculation date and real time posting for record tracking purposes.
Why using SQL Accounting Software?
The benefit of using SQL Accounting software can be over-emphasized with its proven results in harmonizing the smooth business delivery which can be employed in many businesses today. Some of these benefits are highlighted below;
– Performance: It has high performance in the history of accounting software. It can serve up to 100 users on a single network without altering the system speed.
– Data Integrity: Data integrity of SQL Accounting software is outstanding with its reliability. When data posting is in action, there is no loss of data between linked modules.
– Stability: Incomplete transaction, power or network failure is not a concern as input data are automatically rolled back and retrieved.
– User-friendly: There is no limitation to the level of users of SQL Accounting software as the software is designed with the user-friendly interface.
– Data Access Speed: The software is designed in such a manner that server utility only sends the needed information to the workstations, unlike other accounting software.
Work more successfully with real-time posting and seamlessly built-in modules of the SQL Accounting software. Join the millions of business owners who have taken the advantages of amazing features of SQL Accounting software to take their business to the next level among their peers. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
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