Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Importance of Retail Point of Sales System

The Importance of Retail Point of Sales System

Food and Beverage businesses are currently part of the growing industry. They aim to provide an excellent customer service experience. Aside from the friendly and approachable staffs they also want to provide a faster and convenient transaction to ensure that they exceed the customer’s expectation to maintain customer loyalty.
Then, here comes the RedZone, the industry’s leading provider of Point of Sales system. They used the advantage provided by the trending technology due to the desire of providing resolutions to the bumping customers in the restaurants or any type of Food and Beverage businesses.
They are using a computerized technology to improve the transactions of small businesses and cash register as well. they have an upgraded system which is the great demand for today’s evolving industry. Recording data and uploading information can be very tough if these products were not developed.
They are authorized to produce products like Account Software, Online Point of Sales, and Food and Beverage Software.
As a business owner, there are unavoidable times that you cannot keep an eye to your business especially if it operates 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Using POS sytem nowadays is an extravagant option for our businessmen to ensure that transactions happening in their stores are properly monitored.
Operating a Food and Beverage business can be difficult especially if you have different branch locations. A businessman would always like to secure credit card payment methods, sales inventory and employee’s time of work. All these can ha;ppen because of the advantage provided by POS system.
RedZone Solution is one of the major developer of Point of Sales system and produces a very cost-effective type of systems. They have a POS package called RedTech Point of Sales that suits in Food and Beverage business. This includes POS or Food and Beverage Software, Thermal Receipt printer, Laser Barcode Scanner, Thermal Receipt Rolls and heavy duty RJ11 cash drawer. They also conduct training for the software installed and software support to share that system capability for ease of use.
Thermal Receipt Printer vary from the type of desktops being used to mobile receipt printers. This functions well in restaurants, kitchens and retail POS. This printer has the capacity to speed for about 300mm/s. They are compatible with any devices such as Windows, iOS, Android and Blackberry.
Thermal Receipt Rolls are included together with the Thermal Receipt Printer. This is used mainly as a paper for invoice printed by the Receipt Printer.
This amazing type of printer includes SDKs and OPOS drivers. SDK is a type of development kit which is a set of tool used to created various applications installed in a computer and operating system.
Point of Sales system is an important type of system used for Retail businesses, specifically the industry of Food and Beverage industry. It is created to ease the activities of a Retail business. It is a centralized system located in the Main office and can be in warehouse that helps in controlling all activities of different transactions is every outlet.
Laser Barcode Scanner can be used capture barcodes which are already encoded in the computer system to automatically read and determine the price and description of an item. This is very convenient to use because of the faster transaction it provides in the counters.
By just scanning the bar codes printed or attached in a product being sold, the amount of the product is automatically registered for ease of calculation and through the codes entered in the system, the data is automatically stored for inventory purposes. This makes the operation faster to manipulate and it is guaranteed that nothing is missed if you would like to track some of the products.
RJ11 Cash Drawer is connected to the POS printer which comes with cables used for connections. They are compatible with any brands of POS software making it convenient to use.
Aside from these products included in the Food and Beverage Package, they also offered 1 Year Phone and Online Support and most important is the On-Site Installation and Training to make those products easier to use.
In addition, RedZone also developed a user-friendly accounting system which includes Inventory control, Manufacturing module and Invoicing. This also known as Leading Accounting Software in Malaysia.
The primary goal of developing these types of products are to produce an accurate pricing for each product sold, accuracy of inventory for incoming and outgoing products which is really time consuming and should needs a detailed attention.
In addition, credit and debit cards and bank cards will be processed for accuracy of bank transactions, proper analytics of figures in the data for sales of products and monitor the trends of the company’s transactions so that they will know how to adjust in case the business is losing some parts of their transactions or either gaining profit.
You can also take a graphical presentation of those incoming and outgoing products for proper monitoring. It makes the inventory more faster and easily operated in case a manager would like to review the sales report in a day.
These are just few of the features of POS system. This type of system newly developed does not only give customer satisfaction, but giving businessman a peace of mind to monitor their stores or shops.
They can fully monitor the employees’ time cards, number of sales produced in a day, orders purchased, and customer’s analytics without even going personally to different branches of their stores. They can also do the monitoring even at their homes using the trending gadgets today like iPad or android phones.
We already see the importance of this Point of Sales Package in relevant to Food and Beverage Business. It makes business owners communicate with their retail shop with ease and comfort. The package offered guaranteed a quality transaction and very suitable in any types of retail stores as well.
Businesses can take advantage of the benefits of RedZone Point of Sales if they would like to take care of their profits. Visit more at our website


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